The Vibrant Sunday Evening Church Services Near Me at Bridge Church NYC

Dec 7, 2023


Welcome to Bridge Church NYC, your local religious organization dedicated to fostering a sense of community and providing impactful community service initiatives. We take pride in offering vibrant Sunday evening church services near you, enabling individuals to deepen their faith and connect with like-minded individuals.

Why Choose Bridge Church NYC?

When searching for engaging and fulfilling Sunday evening church services near me, Bridge Church NYC stands out among other religious organizations in your area. Here's why:

A Welcoming Community

At Bridge Church NYC, we prioritize creating an inclusive and welcoming space for everyone. Regardless of your background or beliefs, our church community embraces diversity and encourages meaningful connections.

Inspiring Worship Services

Our Sunday evening church services are carefully curated to provide a transformative worship experience. From uplifting music to thought-provoking sermons, our services aim to uplift and inspire you in your spiritual journey.

Passionate Spiritual Leaders

Bridge Church NYC is fortunate to have dedicated and passionate spiritual leaders who guide our community with wisdom and compassion. Our pastors are committed to assisting individuals in their personal growth and fostering a deeper connection with God.

Community Service Initiatives

As a non-profit organization, Bridge Church NYC strongly believes in giving back to the community. We actively engage in various community service initiatives, benefiting those in need and making a positive impact in our local area.

Details About Our Sunday Evening Church Services

Our Sunday evening church services are designed to provide a welcoming and uplifting environment where individuals can freely express their faith and find support in their spiritual journeys. Here are some key details:

Service Time

Our Sunday evening church services begin at 6:00 PM, allowing individuals to spend their day engaged in other activities while still being able to participate in a meaningful worship experience.


Bridge Church NYC is conveniently located at 123 Main Street, making it easily accessible for individuals in the surrounding area. Our church building is known for its warm and inviting atmosphere, creating an ideal setting for worship and community bonding.

Engaging Worship

During our Sunday evening services, we offer a blend of traditional and contemporary worship elements. Our talented musicians lead inspiring musical performances, and our pastors deliver sermons that address real-life issues while connecting them to biblical principles.

Children and Youth Programs

At Bridge Church NYC, we value the spiritual growth of every member, including children and youth. We offer engaging and age-appropriate programs that allow young individuals to develop their faith and build lasting friendships within our church community.

Finding Nearby Sunday Evening Church Services

If you're searching for Sunday evening church services near you, Bridge Church NYC provides an enriching spiritual experience accessible to individuals in the Religious Organizations, Churches, and Community Service/Non-Profit categories. By combining our passionate community, inspiring worship, and commitment to community service initiatives, we aim to create an environment where you can deepen your faith, connect with others, and make a positive impact in the world.


Experience the vibrant Sunday evening church services near you at Bridge Church NYC. Join our religious organization committed to fostering a sense of community, engaging worship, and impactful community service initiatives. Allow us to guide you in your spiritual journey and provide the support you need to make a lasting difference. Visit Bridge Church NYC today and discover a place where you can truly belong.