Called to Protect for Youth (CTPY) | Waco, Texas

Jan 4, 2018

Welcome to the Called to Protect for Youth (CTPY) program offered by turning point church of galveston in Waco, Texas. As a cornerstone of our commitment to community and society, our program aims to empower and inspire the youth to navigate their lives with a strong sense of faith and beliefs.

Building a Strong Foundation of Faith

At turning point church of galveston, we firmly believe that nurturing a strong foundation of faith in the youth is crucial for their holistic development. The Called to Protect for Youth (CTPY) program serves as a platform for us to guide and mentor our young individuals, helping them discover and strengthen their relationship with God.

Empowering the Youth Community

The CTPY program is tailored to empower the youth community in Waco, Texas. Through a range of engaging activities, workshops, and teachings, our dedicated team of mentors strive to instill in our young members a deep understanding of their personal faith and how it shapes their lives.

Comprehensive Educational Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum of the CTPY program covers various aspects of faith, beliefs, and community development. We provide a safe and inclusive environment for the youth to explore their spirituality and seek answers to their questions in a supportive and non-judgmental setting.

Key Benefits of the CTPY Program

The Called to Protect for Youth (CTPY) program offers numerous benefits to the youth community in Waco, Texas:

1. Spiritual Growth:

Through interactive discussions, Bible studies, and spiritual practices, our program facilitates the spiritual growth of the participating youth. We encourage them to develop a personal relationship with God, deepening their faith and understanding of biblical teachings.

2. Values and Morality:

We believe in equipping the youth with strong values and a well-grounded moral compass. The CTPY program emphasizes the importance of integrity, compassion, honesty, and respect, helping our youth make ethical decisions in their daily lives.

3. Community Engagement:

Our program encourages active participation in community service projects and outreach initiatives. We aim to instill a strong sense of responsibility and social consciousness, empowering the youth to positively impact their communities.

4. Peer Support and Mentorship:

Through the CTPY program, the youth have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals on their faith journeys. Our mentors provide guidance, support, and accountability, fostering a strong sense of fellowship and camaraderie among the participants.

5. Personal Development:

We believe in the holistic development of the youth. Along with spiritual growth, the CTPY program focuses on enhancing their interpersonal skills, leadership potential, and personal resilience, enabling them to navigate life's challenges with confidence.

Join the CTPY Program Today!

If you're in Waco, Texas, and looking for a faith-based program that empowers the youth, turning point church of galveston's Called to Protect for Youth (CTPY) is the perfect choice. Join us today and embark on a transformative journey of faith, community, and personal growth.

Contact us now to learn more about the CTPY program and how to enroll. We can't wait to welcome you to our vibrant and inclusive community!