Hold On Week 3

Dec 14, 2022

Welcome to Hold On Week 3, a powerful sermon delivered by turning point church of galveston. In this inspirational message, we dive deep into the essence of faith and beliefs, exploring the importance of resilience and perseverance in our spiritual journey.

Resilience in Times of Adversity

Life can often be challenging, filled with hardships and obstacles that test our resolve. In these moments, it's crucial to hold on to our faith and trust in God's plan. At turning point church of galveston, we believe that resilience is the key to navigating through difficult times.

In Hold On Week 3, we discuss the various ways in which we can develop and strengthen our resilience. Through prayer, meditation, and seeking guidance from the Scriptures, we discover the tools necessary to overcome any adversity that comes our way.

Finding Strength in Community

One of the core values at turning point church of galveston is community. We believe in the power of coming together, supporting one another, and sharing our burdens. In this sermon, we emphasize the importance of finding strength in community.

By surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who are on a similar spiritual journey, we create a network of support and encouragement. Together, we can uplift each other, lend a helping hand, and remind ourselves of the power of unity.

Cultivating Perseverance

Perseverance is a virtue that plays a vital role in our spiritual growth. It's through the challenges we face that we develop strength, resilience, and a deeper understanding of our faith. In Hold On Week 3, we explore the concept of perseverance and its significance.

Through real-life examples and biblical teachings, we delve into the mindset and attitude required to persevere in the face of trials. We learn how to look for the lessons in our struggles and use them as stepping stones to reach greater spiritual heights.

The Power of Hope

Hope is a powerful force that can uplift and motivate us, even in the darkest of times. In Hold On Week 3, we unlock the true potential of hope and its transformative effects on our faith and beliefs.

Through heartfelt stories and scripture-based teachings, we highlight the importance of maintaining hope as we navigate through life's challenges. Our faith in God's promises becomes the anchor that keeps us grounded, even when the storms of life try to shake us.

Practical Application of Faith

At turning point church of galveston, we believe in the practical application of our faith. Hold On Week 3 encourages listeners to apply the principles discussed in their daily lives, creating a more meaningful and purposeful existence.

We provide practical strategies and action steps to help individuals strengthen their faith and incorporate it into their daily routines. From prayer and meditation practices to acts of kindness and service, we explore various ways to live out our faith on a daily basis.


Hold On Week 3 is a transformative sermon that dives deep into the essence of faith and beliefs. Presented by turning point church of galveston, this powerful message empowers listeners to hold on to their faith, cultivate resilience, and persevere through life's challenges.

Discover the power of community, the importance of perseverance, and the life-changing effects of hope. Join us for Hold On Week 3 as we embark on a journey of spiritual growth and find inspiration in turning point church of galveston's teachings.