Sermon Discussion Questions - Your Kingdom Come

Nov 21, 2017

Exploring the Teachings of Jesus Christ

Welcome to turning point church of galveston, where we delve into the teachings of Jesus Christ to gain a deeper understanding of our faith. In this sermon discussion, we focus on the powerful phrase, "Your Kingdom Come," from Matthew 6:10.

Understanding the Significance

The phrase "Your Kingdom Come" refers to a profound aspect of the Lord's Prayer. In this prayer, Jesus instructs his disciples to pray for the establishment and coming of God's Kingdom on earth. It is a call for God's reign and the fulfillment of His will in our lives.

Reflecting on the Meaning

When we consider the phrase "Your Kingdom Come," we recognize that it is a plea for God's sovereignty and righteousness to be manifested in our world. It embodies our desire to align our lives with God's will and participate actively in bringing His Kingdom to fruition. The prayer acknowledges the importance of living in accordance with God's principles and values.

Discussion Questions

Here are some thought-provoking discussion questions to facilitate meaningful conversations:

  1. What does "Your Kingdom Come" mean to you personally?

    Take a moment to reflect on the phrase and share your thoughts on what it means in your own life. Consider how it influences your mindset, actions, and relationship with God.

  2. How can we actively contribute to the coming of God's Kingdom?

    Discuss practical ways in which we can participate in advancing God's reign on earth. Share your insights on how we can be agents of love, justice, and compassion in our communities.

  3. What barriers or challenges might hinder the establishment of God's Kingdom?

    Identify potential obstacles that stand in the way of God's Kingdom being fully realized. Reflect on societal, personal, and spiritual factors that can hinder the manifestation of God's will.

  4. How does the concept of "Your Kingdom Come" inspire hope in your life?

    Discuss how the belief in God's Kingdom brings hope and a sense of purpose. Share personal stories or experiences that have strengthened your faith in God's ultimate plan for redemption and restoration.

  5. What steps can we take to grow in our understanding of God's Kingdom?

    Explore ways in which we can deepen our knowledge and experience of God's Kingdom. This may include studying scripture, engaging in prayer and meditation, or seeking guidance and support from fellow believers.

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At turning point church of galveston, we invite you to join our community of faith and beliefs. Through engaging sermon discussions, we strive to foster a deeper connection with God and one another. Our church welcomes individuals from all walks of life, providing a safe and inclusive environment to explore and grow in your faith.

By joining our community, you will have the opportunity to participate in meaningful conversations like this one, where you can share insights, ask questions, and journey alongside fellow believers. Together, we can seek to live out the teachings of Jesus Christ and make a positive impact in our society.

Experience the transformative power of "Your Kingdom Come" and embark on a journey of faith with turning point church of galveston. Discover the joy of living in alignment with God's will and being part of His Kingdom coming to reality on earth.