Sermon Discussion Questions - Jesus, Divorce, and Hope

Dec 8, 2019

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Welcome to Turning Point Church of Galveston, a vibrant community where we gather to explore and deepen our understanding of faith and belief. In this sermon discussion, we delve into the sensitive yet crucial topic of Jesus, divorce, and hope, based on Matthew 5:31-32.

Understanding Jesus' Teachings on Divorce

Divorce is a complex and often emotionally challenging topic, and Jesus' words in Matthew 5:31-32 provide insightful guidance. Jesus emphasized the significance of marriage and calls us to consider the true nature of commitment. He urges us to think deeply about the reasons and consequences of divorce.

Exploring the Context

Before diving into the discussion questions, let's explore the context of Matthew 5:31-32. This passage is part of the Sermon on the Mount, where Jesus addresses various moral and ethical issues. Jesus aims to transform our hearts and challenge societal norms.

Discussion Questions

1. What does Jesus mean by "whoever divorces his wife"? (Matthew 5:31)

Reflect on the language used by Jesus to convey the seriousness of divorce. Consider the cultural and historical context of marriage during Jesus' time.

2. According to Jesus, what are the implications of divorce for both parties? (Matthew 5:32)

Discuss the effects of divorce on individuals, families, and communities. Explore the emotional, financial, and spiritual challenges that arise from dissolution of a marriage.

3. What does Jesus teach us about the consequences of remarriage after divorce? (Matthew 5:32)

Examine Jesus' perspective on remarriage after divorce. Discuss the implications for individuals contemplating remarriage or those who have already remarried.

4. How can we find hope and healing in the midst of divorce? (Matthew 5:31-32)

Explore strategies for finding hope and healing during and after divorce. Share personal experiences or stories of overcoming challenges and finding strength in faith.

5. How can the church provide support to individuals experiencing divorce? (Matthew 5:31-32)

Discuss the role of the church in supporting individuals navigating divorce. Explore the importance of love, compassion, and non-judgmental attitudes towards those facing marital difficulties.


Engaging in discussions on sensitive topics like divorce can be both intellectually stimulating and spiritually enlightening. At Turning Point Church of Galveston, we value open dialogue and encourage seeking deeper understanding of God's teachings.

Join us for this thought-provoking sermon discussion on Jesus, divorce, and hope as we explore these questions together. Remember, it is through our faith and belief that we find guidance, strength, and ultimately, hope.

Ted Reiley
🙏 Exploring the intersection of Jesus' teachings on divorce - a thought-provoking sermon! 🤔
Nov 8, 2023